Trico Fine Art Resin Statue + IR Remote **Pre-Order FULL PAYMENT

Trico Fine Art Resin Statue + IR Remote **Pre-Order FULL PAYMENT

from 3,499.99

Trico, from the legendary video game: The Last Guardian

(Beta Prototype shown, final version may differ slightly, but will only be improved upon what’s shown.)

Originally designed by famed video game author Fumito Ueda, Trico is a beautiful griffin-esque creature & your impressive 19’ ft tall companion in Ueda-san’s most recent masterpiece “The Last Guardian.” -The Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive title profoundly moved me when I first experienced its extraordinary story when it released on Dec. 6th, 2016. As a steadfast animal advocate, and massive purveyor/aficionado of The Arts in all mediums, the epic, stunning, & beautiful adventure of The Last Guardian is one I firmly believe everyone should experience, regardless if you play video games or not.

It was this deeply moving adventure of trust, love, and long-suffering friendship that compelled me to make this incredibly detailed commemorative statue in response, as a personal gift and “Thank You” to its creator, Fumito Ueda, and the game’s composer Takeshi Furukawa. Taking note of how there are nearly no products of Trico/The Last Guardian in existence, and how many impassioned, loyal fans there are, I’ve decided to make this particular statue a very limited run, each will be number and hand signed with a maximum of ONLY 4 PRODUCED A MONTH from now until Dec. 2019, totaling only 44 available for purchase worldwide in 2019.

Statue Features:

Taking approximately 2 years to complete while working on it in between full-time work/clients, mostly due to the level of attention to detail, love & accuracy I wanted to put into it, including the vast number of feathers covering Trico -Each feather is an individual object, attached to the underlying surface of the ‘skin’ just like it would be on a real animal. Each feather also has micro striations on it, just as a real feather has -you’ll most likely need a magnifying glass to see those details, though! Each feather has also been hand touched (digitally), ensuring a natural look to their coverage as well and will be improved even further in certain areas before they begin shipping out in Mid-End of March.

Trico’s Horns and Retinas are made of a glow in the dark plastic which color closely matches the aqua green/blue colors seen in-game.

Trico’s Eyeballs are 3D Printed at the highest possible level of resolution and then specially hand coated, ensuring total, glass-like optical clarity, acting as lens in real eyes and cameras do…

Installed within Trico’s Retinas and Horns are 4 Aqua-colored LEDs which are connected to a mirco wireless IR (infrared) receiver and a common 9V battery case (9V Battery not included), which are housed in the base of the statue , allowing for easy battery replacement. The IR wireless remote also has a small, flat CR2032 ‘watch battery’ which is included. The remote also has a set of dimmer buttons allowing for 4 levels of brightness! Also attached to the base is an optically clear flame with a tiny flickering flame LED inside of it which also illuminates when power is turned on. This is an exclusive & very limited edition statue. A world’s first, one-of-a-kind 3D Printed piece utilizing the full potential of Formlabs’ Form2 SLA 3D Printer which produces unbelievably clean, detailed Resin parts via a Laser-cured, liquid photopolymer Resin. The statue will be printed in Grey Pro (Trico), Grey V4 (Base), & Clear V4 Resins, as well as Glow in the Dark PLA aqua green filament (for the retinas & horns). Fully unpainted.

Dimensions: 18” H, X 12.5”L, X 7” W inches -Approximately: 1/25th scale

**This is the FULL-PRICE PRE-ORDER for either the Early Bird Price of $3,000. + Shipping, or (if sold out), the Standard Price of $3,499 + Shipping. Full price purchases will receive top priority for production & shipping of your individually 3D Printed Statue on a first come first served basis. The first 4 will be offered at the EARLY BIRD SALE PRICE of $3,000 USD. After those 4 are sold, the STANDARD price of $3,499 USD will be the standard prices for this piece.