Velociraptor 3D Printed Model - 1/6 scale (Large)

Velociraptor 3D Printed Model - 1/6 scale (Large)


Lion-Arts proudly presents the first 3D Printed model kit in its exclusive Cinematic Dinosaur line:

Velociraptor – Neutral Pose 1/6th Scale – Approx. 12” tall

This exclusive, limited edition 1/6th scale (over 1ft tall), highly detailed dinosaur model was digitally sculpted with an incredible amount of attention to detail; Inspired by the maquettes and full-sized animatronic dinosaurs created by the legendary ‘Stan Winston Studio’ (now ‘Legacy Effects’).

Model Features:

-Extremely Realistic, Screen-Accurate Details.

Every scale, wrinkle, skin fold, and muscle bulge has been personally [digitally] sculpted with extreme care & attention paid to every proportion & detail of the animal’s anatomy, making it a highly realistic, feature film-quality model, and the most accurate, physical representation of the Velociraptors seen on the silver screen ever available for purchase!

This painstakingly crafted, faithful re-creation is exclusive to

–Not available anywhere else!

-Fully assembles in just minutes with no glue required and is Free-Standing!

An easy to use snap-pin system connects all parts together quickly and easily, with no need to support or lean the model. It will stand perfectly balanced on any flat, leveled surface!

-Excellent for: Dinosaur enthusiasts , Jurassic Park / Jurassic World fans, Collectors, Artistic Reference/Inspiration, Educational Aid of a Dromaeosaur/Theropod forms, Powerful Display Piece & Conversation Starter. Also a great way to get kids excited about Dinosaurs, Paleontology, PaleoBiology, Science, 3D Printing, &/or Technology.

-3D Printed at 0.10mm layer thickness, with only (non-toxic) white PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic (a Bioplastic derived from corn). The model is light-weight, yet strong, ready for painting, or displaying the form beautifully, as is.

Fully-Assembled Dimensions: 12.1” H, X 31”L, X 2” W inches

Recommended for ages 10 & above

*Caution: Contains small pieces which could pose a choking hazard to small children. Also contains several pieces with sharp points (claws on hands & feet) which could cause injury if abused; if buying for a child, please maintain adult supervision while assembling. Not a Toy. Intended for display purposes only.

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