Velociraptor 'Evolved' Walking

Velociraptor 'Evolved' Walking


Lion-Arts proudly presents its third 3D Printed model kit in its exclusive Cinematic Dinosaur line:

Velociraptor – Walking 1/6th Scale – 12" tall

These exclusive, limited edition, limited run 1/6th scale, highly detailed dinosaur models were digitally sculpted with an incredible amount of attention to detail; Inspired by the maquettes and full-sized animatronic dinosaurs created by the legendary ‘Stan Winston Studio’ (now ‘Legacy Effects’). These 3D Printed raptor model physically premiered at MIT’s Media Lab during Formlabs’ inaugural FUSE conference.

Model Features:

-Extremely Realistic, Screen-Accurate Details. Every scale, wrinkle, skin fold, and muscle bulge has been personally [digitally] sculpted with extreme care & attention paid to every proportion & detail of the animal’s anatomy, making it a highly realistic, feature film-quality model, and the most accurate, physical representation of the Velociraptors seen on the silver screen ever available for purchase!

This painstakingly crafted, faithful re-creation is exclusive to

–Not available anywhere else!

-Fully assembles in minutes! Simple glue and or modeling putty is recommended for finalization before painting.

An easy to use snap-pin system connects all parts together quickly and easily.

-Excellent for: Dinosaur enthusiasts , Jurassic Park / Jurassic World fans, Collectors, Artistic Reference/Inspiration, Educational Aid of a Dromaeosaur/Theropod forms, Powerful Display Piece & Conversation Starter. Also a great way to get kids excited about Dinosaurs, Paleontology, PaleoBiology, Science, 3D Printing, &/or Technology.

-3D Printed at 0.05mm layer thickness, with FormLabs Photopolymer Resin. The model is light-weight, yet strong, ready for painting, or displaying the form beautifully, as is.

Fully-Assembled Approx. Dimensions:

12"H, X 27"L, X 2.5" W inches

These models are each 3D Printed per order; Each model has a total turn around time of 1 week before shipping to you.

Recommended for ages 10 & above

*Caution: Contains small pieces which could pose a choking hazard to small children. Also contains several pieces with sharp points (claws on hands & feet) which could cause injury if abused; if buying for a child, please maintain adult supervision while assembling. Not a Toy. Intended for display purposes only.

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